Meet the rest of Seth’s family: Gabriel, Lydia and Lavender. The next batch of villagers you will be able to meet on Roseburg.

We’ve added their profiles to the characters page. Let us know what you think of them! Feedback is always appreciated! :)

Hello, I’ve been thinking of streaming and answering questions about the game as I work on some concept art/maps/etc, would anyone be interested?

Anonymous sent: Do you guys think you will ever do crowdfunding so you can add more things to it? I mean, Pumpkin Online was successful in theirs, and to be truthful I thought they would fail HARD, so I really believe in you guys (no offensiveness to Pumpkin Online). If you do, I recommend having a poll to see what people would be willing to give money for.

Oh, yeah, congratulations to Pumpkin Online for reaching their Kickstarter goal!!

We have dicussed this topic on the team and I think we all agreed on “maybe”. There are a lot of things that could go a LOT better if we crowd-funded, like having more people on the team to help on areas we’re lacking at the moment (a couple artists, musicians, scripters, etc), since at this moment we’re all basically doing this out of pure passion for the project, sometimes our personal lives get in the way and progress stops for a bit or really slows down; school, work, etc etc… but IF we ever do crowd-funding, I would love to have at least a playable demo so people can know what they’re investing their money on. The game will always remain free to download and the funds would go to commission everyone on the team, of course.

Thank you so very much for your support, your words really mean a lot!!

Here’s some more character concept art!

Tabitha, the town’s doctor.
Mattie, Tabitha’s son and archaeology enthusiast.
Patricia, the café owner.
Damion, a waiter at the café and the third bachelor to be revealed.

All these characters were designed by Teresa, the portrait artist and overall super talented person.

Sorry for the lack of updates lately, everyone in the team has been really busy with work and school. Thank you for your support and understanding :)

tubocurarine sent: I remember doing sketches for this a couple of years back when it was first starting... Can't believe you guys are still working so hard! Everything looks fantastic. Just wanted to say hello and that I look forward to the final game :)

Oh hi!! I do remember getting you art all those months back, I really appreciate you still being interested in the project! It means a lot for me to see people who have been supportive of this project for a long long time.

The biggest mistake I did back them was thinking I could pull this out by myself and I’m really grateful for everyone in the team for helping me make this dream come true. 

I’m also really grateful for all of you following this blog and supporting this project, you’re all the reason we’re making this the best we can! Even if it seems we’re not posting much and that progress is not being made, that’s because we only want to show you all the very best, and believe me when I say there is A LOT going on backstage!

Thank you all for your support and I hope you all have an amazing rest of the week!! Feel free to send us question anytime! :)

Anonymous sent: Will there be any non-binary marriage candidates?

Hello anon! I’m really sorry for the delayed response, my schedule is really tight during weekdays.

Anyways back to your question, unfortunately we don’t have plans to include a non-binary marriage candidate at the moment. The reasoning behind is the fact that, as stated before, this is a village of 25 people and as much as we’d love to, you just can’t include every single demographic out there, specially with such a small group of people.

I understand how important this is to some people and I believe representation is very important, but after thinking this over for a few months, we’re going to wait for another game to include one.

Thank you for your question and feel free to send us more questions!

Anonymous sent: if you guys could pick any song that reminds you of the game most which would you choose? (it can be any song at all)

Jose: This is the most random question I have ever received and I had fun looking through my music library, thank you anon… Watsky - Strong as an Oak seems very fitting (I also really like this song).

Danni: “Okay I think I have a song, personally: Plus One - Be Love. It seems kind of emotional but fitting for the player ;-;”

Teresa:thrift shop obviously lol >A> uuuhhh;; I’m not sure! Most harvest moon games just remind me of classical music and whatever. Just really calm and everything.”

Rachel: “I’m in the similar boat to Teresa, but when asked for some reason I did think of the song Sound Life from Trigun. The lyrics don’t fit at all, but something about the feel to the song does.”

Anonymous sent: its puzzling to me why someone would comment on demanding more POC characters, we've already been shown an array of interesting characters and more puzzling is the mention of copyright troubles despite there being none... keep up the splendid work all of you i and many others look forward to seeing the game~!

Basically, yeah.This is exactly the reason we are looking to get feedback on some stuff we feel needs fan input. 

I was a little confused when I got the copyright message and even more when I got the POC message. Let me tell you the biggest mistake most fangame developers (specially Harvest Moon fangames) make is revealing too much and setting expectations too high.

Thank you so much for your message and your support!!

schwer-von-begriff sent: I think you are really diverse as is. It's lovely to see that someone tries to include a really diverse cast of characters and you are already doing a wonderful job. I really hope that this project will be a success, you certainly have earned yourself a fan. =)

Thank you very much for this message!!

We’re trying to be as inclusive as we can with such a small cast and I’m really glad to hear this!! :D

Anonymous sent: Same anon as before. That's great! I'm glad, and it wasn't a personal attack or anything. It's just nice to see representation and diversity, so I'm glad that you are already considering it. c: I can't wait for the game ~

It’s okay! I’m glad we were able to answer your question :)