Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will this game be free?
A: Yes! This game will be completely free! 

Q: When will this game be released?
A: An early Farming System Beta 0.1 was released on January 4th, 2014.
A full version is expected to be released by 2015-2016.

Q: What are you using to make this game?
A: Photoshop and SAI for graphics, RPG Maker VX to do most stuff.

Q: Which platform can I play this game on?
A: (When it is released) This game will be playable only Windows OS, sorry.
If I find a way to porting it to other platforms, I gladly will. 

Q: Will there be same gender marriage on this game?
A: Yes, there will be same gender marriage options in this game. I want to keep the details a secret for now, though :)

Q: I want to help! How can I do it?
A: Great! Please message me letting me know what you’d be able to help with and I’ll be getting back to you as soon as I can!
(Currently I’m not needing writers or artists. Thank you so much in advance.)

Q: I’m making my own game and I was hoping you could help me with—
A: Please email me at with your questions about this, and I will gladly assist you with anything I can.

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  • This game is not affiliated with Marvelous AQL, Natsume Inc or the creators of Harvest Moon/Story of Seasons in any way. This is a fan project. Made by fans for fans.
  • Features might be added or deleted in the future and screenshots showing in this site might be outdated.